Cowboys/Eagles, Russell Wilson, Brady's Bucs, Eagles (9.21.20) | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF Audio Podcast

2020 22 سپتامبر
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► Did Dak earn a contract from the Cowboys in the win over the Falcons? (00:00)
► Is Russell Wilson the best QB in the NFL right now? (16:09)
► Do Brady’s Bucs look like Super Bowl contenders? (32:50)
► What’d you make of AD’s buzzer-beater to give the Lakers a 2-0 series lead over Denver? (45:30)
► Does the Cowboys job look too big for Mike McCarthy? (56:57)
► Is ‘Super Cam’ back despite the loss to the Seahawks? (1:08:55)
► Is it ‘panic time’ for Carson Wentz’s Eagles? (1:17:15)
► Wiley & Acho discuss the NFL’s notable Week 2 injuries. (1:23:50)
Uncle Jimmy joins. (1:28:28)
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Cowboys/Eagles, Russell Wilson, Brady's Bucs, Eagles (9.21.20) | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF Audio Podcast
Speak For Yourself

  • "2:35" JUST FOR FAN OF Dallas Cowboys TEAM. Take 50% off for jersey - your order - grab it before it's closed. ☛ *trumpsport .store* *delete space GfOm NYsF

    Jillian BullerJillian Bullerپیش 28 روز
  • nba talk?

    C LoC Loپیش ماه
  • McCarthy needs to stop playing Madden fr

    CapsupplierCapsupplierپیش ماه
  • If Patrick, Lamar, Drew, Tom, or Aaron threw for 5 TD against Bill Belichick, we wouldn't be talking about anything else. Russ does it..." Wasn't Cam impressive?" What a joke!

    Joe LeeJoe Leeپیش ماه
  • Tonight, Russell Wilson invented the cure for cancer ended hunger and brokered world peace. Is he one of the greatest people of our time? Marcellus: No! Did he have a good night? Sure, maybe he’ll win the Nobel peace prize, but what about last year? Or the year before?

    Gen3jrGen3jrپیش ماه
    • 😂

      Jon JacksonJon Jacksonپیش ماه
  • How many times Lavar gonna say "if Cam Newton makes that touchdown he's the best QB." Like ok, but he didn't. That's like saying if Goff scores 7 TDs he's the best, but he didn't.

    Gordon RamsayGordon Ramsayپیش ماه
  • Dan pays to much attention to the Carroll curse and bought into the fourth qtr Flubber

    Lori JonesLori Jonesپیش ماه