Rodgers vs Brady, LeBron, Russell Wilson, Dak's future (10.14.20) | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF Audio Podcast

2020 14 اكتبر
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► Is Aaron Rodgers actually a better QB than Tom Brady? (00:00)
► Issue with the Jets sticking with Adam Gase amid struggles? (15:02)
► Can LeBron get 6 titles before he retires? (24:37)
► Is Russell Wilson too concerned with winning MVP? (37:42)
► Buying Cowboys’ view of Dak as the QB of their future? (45:18)
► Does LaFleur deserve credit for Rodgers’ dominant season? (1:02:25)
► Should all Hall of Fame NFL players be considered all-time greats? (1:10:33)
► Is Lamar Jackson the most dangerous player in the league? (1:23:30)
► Uncle Jimmy joins (1:28:25)

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Rodgers vs Brady, LeBron, Russell Wilson, Dak's future (10.14.20) | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF Audio Podcast
Speak For Yourself

  • If Rogers had been on these Bellicheck teams, I think he'd have 7 titles out of the 9 times they went to the big dance. If Brady had been on Rogers Packers, I dont think they even win the one Rogers got. That big of a difference between talent on the teams, and Coaching acumen.

    Brandon NormanBrandon Normanپیش 16 روز
  • Are we talking skill wise, or accolades? Tom is GOAT when it comes to being accomplished and just flat winning. Skill? Aaron Rodgers and it isn’t even close. Only Mahomes and Russ Wilson can sniff Rodgers in the skill category, and Aaron may _still_ be better than the two aforementioned.

    ïnfluxïnfluxپیش 16 روز
  • Tom Brady's mindset puts him ahead of Rodgers. Rodger is a more talented.

    Rodney M BelovedRodney M Belovedپیش 16 روز
    • That's what happens when your old coach always told you to go deep. They taught brady to take whatever the defense gives him.

      Ruben MartinezRuben Martinezپیش 16 روز